BSB directory BSB Education BSB lectures Patient Earth Germany has a lot of industry. Filters, efficient machines reduce air pollution, water contamination. Rules and laws against erosion try to reduce climate change damage with renewable energy
Logo of Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation, international charitable nonprofit organization providing nature conservation education to all countries on Earth Signature of Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation, international charitable nonprofit organization Online Book of Peter Bonenberger and Marianne Bonenberger. Read BSB conservation news online about how to secure your future, how to stay alive with violent weather, floods, earthquakes storms. Nature conservation news tells you about Earth' environment. Environmental news to protect air + water + soil + food. BSB-research published in these news helps to keep Nature beautiful + to secure our future!
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Peter Bonenberger history Marianne Bonenberger online book: May all your weeds be wildflowers online book page 4, based on experiences on Bear Springs blossom nature preserve
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WHY Nature

BSB conserves Nature, because
We protect God's creation
What did God say?

Nature photos Texas Hill Country. Preserve Photos of native plants, cacti, native grasses, blossoms pictures, wildflowers photos. Experience beautiful Nature with BSB photos, many photo shots, impressions of native plants, common wildflowers, wild flowers conserve by nature conservation
Botany Texas wildflowers, native plants along our nature trails, birding trails, wilderness trails at the Bear Springs Blossom Nature preserve, Bandera County, Hill Country Texas. BSB nonprofit provides environmental wildflower knowledge. See wild flowers, see wildflowers with blue blossoms, white blossoms, tree blossoms, flowering native shrubs, red bud flowers + Madrone blossoms

History of Bandera, about Bandera County Texas Hill Country and its nature preserves. Bandera cowboy capital of the world. Urban sprawl endangers beautiful landscape of Bandera County, natural areas + parks in the Texas Hill Country, water table gets lower, well problems
keep Bandera beautiful. The Texas Hill Country once beautiful, needs Nature protection. BSB Nature preserve offers guided tours, shows pure, unspoiled nature, teaches understanding. Climate change, air pollution, water pollution, erosion control, recycling is Nature Conservation issues. Bandera has many native plants, birds, butterflies, native trees, controlling soil loss. Walk guided tours on environmental trails: update your Nature education. Learn about Texas Hill Country birds, flora + fauna. Uncontrolled development endangers Bandera's Nature, endangers balance of fragile Hill Country lime stone habitats
Peter Bonenberger + Marianne Bonenberger published books, information brochures online to show the beauty of nature preserves. A photo book providing nature photos + text about Bear Springs Blossom Nature preserve, Bandera County history, overgrazing endangerments, Bandera + Texas Hill Country native plants. Read free online book. Nature Conservation in Bandera County Texas - Conservation is to maintain, to protect, to keep alive, to sustain life
Photos of BSB Nature preserve, southern Texas Hill Country, maintained by Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation More Photos
Bear Springs Blossom Nature Preserve

State park, natural areas, BSB nature preserve, located in Bandera County, TX. Bear Springs Blossom Nature preserve offers guided tours in the Texas Hill Country. Bandera recreational areas, picnic places, outdoor activities fun, nature experience
Impressions Texas Hill Country Bandera Texas

vacation Texas Hill Country: San Antonio's many parks, natural areas, nature preserves, birding, river walk, hiking, biking, all favorites for visitors. Texas Hill Country guided tours. Bandera cowboy capital of the world, rolling hills, nature conservation to protect humans
Medina River flows through Bandera County, southern Texas Hill Country - water conservation, water flow control, water contamination, water pollution are big environmental problems

Bear Springs Blossom Nature preserve has twelve nature trails, four birding trails - published in Texas Parks and Wildlife Heart of Texas Nature Birding trail map - Nature Center lecture room offers knowledge about nature preserves, about wilderness, education trails, geology - informs what to expect on guided tours - enjoy Texas outdoors, have fun hiking, birding, walking Texas Hill Country nature trails, gaining knowledge with lectures or walking wilderness trails, birding trails

Mexican oak or Monterrey oak, native tree, no pesticides, less water, oaks are good shade trees
Mexican redbud at Bear Springs Blossom Nature preserve, cercis mexicana, TX native tree, no pesticides, less water, cercis are beautiful native trees in many southern countries
Madrone or Madrona, arbutus, rare trees in the Texas Hill Country. Some call it Indians leg, others the peeling tree. Madrones cannot grow bigger without growing new bark every year. Bear Springs Blossom nature preserve has over 300 madrone showing how nature conservation works,  how important an intact nature habitat is to Madrone trees, to provide food for birds, joy to humans
BSB Biology: Junipers, latin juniperus ashei:  trees, shrubs found all over Earth - preferring limestone. juniperus ashei native to Texas for millions of years. Nature conservation, nature education explains why the Texas Hill Country has too many junipers. Native Texas Junipers trees grow up to 80 ft for 200 years. Texas Cedar juniper provides juniper berries for birds, makes good mulch, helps native plants to grow. Juniper is a nursery plant - very important for nature conservation, essential to humans. BSB has many junipers over 200 years old, providing shade + shelter at our Nature preserve
Nature conservation facts: Nature lovers + birders like Birding on birding trails with guided tours. Golden cheeked Warbler, an endangered bird breeding only in Texas Hill Country, see tanager, wren, mocking bird, tit mouse, native + migrating birds at BSB nature preserve
Nature conservation facts: Many birds are migrating. The North American Robin Turdus migratorius migrates through the  Texas Hill Country easily watched on guided tours at BSB nature preserve birding trails
Golden cheeked Warbler, an endangered bird, breeds in the Texas Hill Country - no other place on earth. Golden cheeked Warblers need Texas Hill Country trees, plants, mature junipers to build a nest. BSB nature reserve preserves habitat for Golden cheeked Warbler = GCW - Nature conservation, nature education is important to live in harmony with nature, to protect globally endangered species through international nature protection programs
nature conservation: knowledge about butterflies, to understand why butterflies are part of nature's balance, how to help butterflies to survive, what kills a butterfly - nature conservation through education leads to higher butterfly survival rates

About knowledge

Earth map: global warming in red colors caused by burning fossil fuels, causing different types of pollution - plant growth of millions years to create fossil fuels, humans burn fossil fuels fast - Global warming caused by international air pollution. Global warming outcome: violent weather, hurricanes, worldwide floods, low air quality, tsunamis, human illnesses, food shortage
Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation takes action on Climate change - weather records are broken every month in 2010 - violent climate endangers all life. International Climate change threatens food supply, drinking water. Changing climate changes the quality of air. Nonprofit group offers solutions to all worldwide climate change problems, advice on development, tips + help how to change climate change, reduce global temperatures. Climate change causes food shortages, violent weather, earthquakes, ocean pollution. Climate change, greenhouse gases put children at risk
Definition of Sustainability - capacity of maintaining certain processes. International sustainability: connection of biological + human systems. Ecologically, sustainability or green living, going green or green sustainable lifestyle: ability of an ecosystem to maintain ecological processes, functions, biodiversity + productivity into the future. Sustainability effects life on Earth, different levels of biological systems, wetlands, prairies + forests. International Eco-friendly living, sustainable cities, international sustainable agriculture, sustainable architecture + development. Sustainable research achieves sustainable environments
Get pollution facts, types of pollution, international pollution science, fight global pollution. Better air quality, better water quality, unpolluted healthy rivers + ocean protection. Oil spills kill animals + humans. Lower pollution with efficient home appliances, less energy waste, less water waste. Nature conservation reduces air pollution, water pollution with recycling, green driving. Answers to all pollution environmental issues
BSB Science physics chemistry: nuclear pollution facts, types of radiation, international radiation science, reduce nuclear radiation, fight global radiation. Less radiation for better air quality, better water quality, unpolluted healthy soil, lakes + oceans. Lower radiation with efficient home appliances, less energy waste. Nature conservation reduces nuclear radiation levels teaching environmental issues
Science: Earth map, maps of Earth, map Earth rainforest, global geology, earth carbon sink, global map earth conveyor belt, earth map weather stations. International BSB Nature conservation through updated nature education can save life on Earth

international recycling saves resources,  prevents air water pollution, protects natural resources, resources for the next generation - buy recycled products. Recycling facts on steel recycling, aluminum recycled cans. Paper recycling to protect rain forest trees, reduce air pollution, plastic recycling reduces oil consumption. Recycling is active nature conservation, leads to sustainability
what materials can be internationally recycled? Recycling saves resources,  prevents air water pollution, protects natural resources. Reuse, re-buy, recycled all products. Recycling facts on steel recycling, aluminum recycled cans. Paper recycling to protect rain forest trees, reduce air pollution, plastic recycling reduces oil consumption. Recycling is active Nature conservation
BSB Global Issues
Global statistics, Earth statistic, World statistic, world clock, statistics about Climate change, food supply, drinking water, air pollution, conservation efforts, CO2 in tons, numbers of coming world climate, world weather changes, environmental issues. More people need more recycling, to reduce air pollution, water pollution, to secure healthy food
Conservation news of public benefit Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation, international nonprofit volunteer organization, Nature news, conservation links. Definition: Nature Conservation Nature means Earth's natural world. Conservation is to maintain, to protect, to keep alive. BSB volunteers think Humans are part of Nature. Get nature facts, nature education, nature lectures, pollution facts, environmental advice, updated news + outdoor tips
Global life on Earth. Global issues: Declining World species, global biodiversity endangered, international air pollution + droughts + floods; reduced life support by food shortages, higher food prices. International climate change on Earth map. Global Nature facts explain global issues threatening all humans, animals, wildlife, plants. To keep Nature beautiful, to understand each global issue Nature education combined with Nature conservation = an affordable solution to keep Nature beautiful, a solution backed up by pollution facts, water facts, recycling facts, energy facts, how life works
BSB research: Burning coal boost CO2 levels - CO2 carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas. Humans release carbon dioxide captured by plants, transformed to coal by burning coal. Coal burning emits huge emissions of air pollution + toxic waste + water contamination. Fast burning fossil fuels endangers future life on Earth with different types of pollution

international nonprofit organization Bear Springs Blossom Nature conservation protects international rain-forests. Humans need rain forests for medicine, for oxygen, for stabilizing Earth's climate. See earth map - tropical trees reduce international climate change + global warming - rain forest maps, international locations of tropical + temperate rain-forests, protect rain forest habitats

overgrazing has endangered many species on earth. Changing climate, soil loss, erosion, higher food prices, contaminated drinking water, dead zones in oceans: all connected to overgrazing
endangered species on earth need international protection. Save endangered animals on land, in oceans, in forests. Nature conservation saves endangered mammals, identify birds, identification of wildlife. Nature preserves protect endangered species endangered wildflowers, wildlife habitats international. BSB nature education: environmental courses about endangered species, conservation of nature habitats. Humans on the endangered species list? International wildlife protection with reduced waste of energy

Nature Encyclopedia
water science: liquid or solid, ice, water vapor, steam. Water facts:  acid or alkaline. pH of water show lye or acid. Pond water full of life forms. Salt water: full of life. Bear Springs Blossom nature conservation international water savings water management program, provides nature education science about water, healthy drinking water, tap water. No water = no Nature
Water needs Energy and Energy production needs Water. water pumping, water transport, desalination, needs energy. Irrigation, livestock, thermoelectric power production, coal to electricity, nuclear to electricity, all need a lot of water
water science: water can be acid or alkaline. pH of water differs with pond water or salt water, healthy water, contaminated water. Bear Springs Blossom nature conservation's  international water education program, teaches about water pollution, healthy drinking water
science water: Water is life. Contaminated water can harm humans, animals. Knowledge about the ingredient of water secures life. Nature conservation programs include: water testing for environmental water information, education lessons about pH, e-coli, ammonia, mercury, sulfide, radio activity, total iron, phosphate, dissolved oxygen in river water, well water
water facts: water is essential for life on Earth - knowledge about water, earth's water cycle, sustainable water supply, water aquifers, water in humans, water in plants. Nature education provides water facts, water science on water conservation. Water facts for enough drinking water, water facts for lower food prices. Facts about reducing water waste + water pollution, about rainwater. Not polluting water helps human life on Earth, nature conservation is essential
BSB science water salinity: how much salt is in water. Knowledge about salinity to understand why marine life needs special salinity levels, why swimming is different in ocean habitats, in fresh water natural lakes. Bear Springs Blossom nature conservation's international water conservation program provides education lessons about salinity + environmental education on water
Science: Hydrogen gas burns ultra violet, oxidizes with ozone to water -fuel cells use hydrogen as clean energy. Science based nature conservation offers answers to avoid changing Earth's climate
BSB Science: watershed in North America, other countries call it water divide or drainage divide - knowledge about watershed, Bear Springs Blossom nature conservation's  international water conservation program provides nature education about watersheds, rivers, water divides
BSB water facts: water conservation is cost-effective, environmentally sound to reduce water demand. Water conservation stretches supplies, protects lakes, rivers. Using less water = less pressure on sewage treatment facilities = going green. Water conservation = less energy for water heating, saving water saves energy; energy used for pumping, treating water. Definition: Water Conservation - Water found all over Earth, our natural world - Conservation is to maintain, to protect, to keep alive. Save energy with water conservation. Humans need water - drinking water has health benefits - about Earth's water cycle. Water pollution reduces healthy drinking water supply, endangers human health, endangered water supplies
booklet about how to conserve water for kids. Young children will enjoy all the colored drawings for doing active water conservation
Science: Water life. animals and plants are abundant in water, the less pollution the more life. Environmental problems show their impact on the biodiversity of life in water. Water conservation facts with Nature education:  why creek, pond, river restoration, bringing back Nature, are essential for nature conservation
water pollution: a big environmental problem. Nature science explains why our drinking water supplies are at risk, our food source ocean is in danger, outdoor activities are reduced by contaminated water in lakes, rivers + oceans by oil from tankers, oil spills

BSB Science education: Seas + oceans are essential for life on Earth - Earth  oceans stabilize climate, humans need oceans food, oceans for water supply, ocean evaporation fills water aquifers, creeks, rivers. Bear Springs Blossom's international water management plan provides information on ocean water, protecting earth oceans. BSB nature conservation programs provide facts about ocean water, ocean salinity, ocean water composition, how to reduce ocean pollution, science on water pollution of oceans, seas
Science: oceans currents, as gulf stream, Humboldt current are essential for life on Earth - Earth's climate needs oceans currents, warm, cold clean water streams in Earth oceans provide humans with food, Bear Springs Blossom's international nature education program offers information on ocean currents, facts about marine life, salinity issues, ocean water composition, ocean pollution affects ocean currents
rainbows are sunlight refracted by raindrops. Physics, optics science classes explain why humans see rainbows - updated nature education for a higher education level, for better nature conservation understanding water facts
water Quiz about water weight, water boiling temperature, water freezing temperature, wetlands, drinking water, how much water is in humans, wildlife, plants. Nature conservation programs offer water facts using quiz questions and answers: how many gallons, size of Earth oceans, fresh water, how much water in human bodies, why none polluted healthy water is rare. All answers in BSB Nature conservation quiz

Better in-depth knowledge
helps YOU to preserve and
not destroy Earth

About AIR
Science: air is essential for life on Earth - knowledge about causes of air pollution based on science. Bear Springs Blossom nature conservation's  international air pollution management program, provides air facts, helps with air conservation. how to reduce air contaminants + air pollution - take action today, nature education about air, how much air humans need, healthy air's health benefits, about Earth's atmosphere - healthy air helps our children
BSB Chemical science: 1 ingredient of air is oxygen, essential for life on Earth. The oxygen cycle influences weather, climate, making life on Earth possible. Bear Springs Blossom nature conservation's encyclopedia explains how important oxygen is
Science about chemicals in air. Main ingredient of air is Nitrogen, essential for life on Earth. Nitrogen fertilizer helps crops feeding livestock to grow. Overuse of nitrogen fertilizer produces greenhouse gases, causing warmer climate. Nitrogen fertilizer washed into rivers, oceans causing algae bloom, killing marine life - responsible use of nitrogen fertilizer is nature conservation
CO2 levels were never higher - greenhouse gas CO2 carbon dioxide works as an insulator in Earth atmosphere trapping heat. CO2 carbon dioxide causes warmer oceans, warmer temperatures, more hurricanes, violent weather Fight pollution, high carbon dioxide levels with nature education, lower CO2 levels through renewable energy. Protect Earth's environment: Air + water + land pollutants endanger future life on Earth
Quizzes are fun
Environment quizzes test common knowledge about nature preservation related questions, preserve blossoms, Nature quiz questions, environmental quiz, energy saving quiz, natural environment: bird quiz to identify birds. Environment pollution: recycling quiz. Quiz answers, get facts on environmental issues
BSB Environment water: Quiz about water + water facts, quiz question how much water weighs, water environment chemistry, water in Earth oceans, in human bodies. Why healthy drinking water, identify water pollution, nature quiz for nature conservation questions
Ocean Quiz
BSB Bird Quiz photos Texas Hill Country birds - answer bird-name + specification, quiz to identify birds, recognize backyard wildlife. Nature education: bird identifying quiz questions
BSB Flower blossom Quiz: photos from wildflowers protected by nature conservation, identify that flower, quizzes help to identify native plants by their blossom, recognize state flowers, tropical flowers quiz questions
Environment Quiz: Environment facts, why to get green, why conservation, how save Earth, environment friendly quiz questions, quiz answers to nature + environmental problems
BSB Environment Quiz: Recycling facts, why how to recycle, why recycling is important, how recycling saves money now + in the future. Recycling paper + card board, glass + plastic, electronics + cars, reused = recycled = environment friendly quiz questions, quiz answers to nature + environment problems
Art in Nature
Art inspires minds, art to understand  environmental problems, art beauty of nature, art helps to understand nature conservation, nature is art - a great plan produces art = living beings. Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation members Marianne Bonenberger, Bill Ward, express feelings of intact beautiful Nature with art photography, articles + artistic music

Marianne Bonenberger + Peter Bonenberger, Mater conservationists + Lone Star Land Steward Award winners, category outreach + education. Peter Bonenberger + Marianne Bonenberger offer fun-filled multimedia lectures + presentations. Marianne Bonenberger + Peter Bonenberger use photos, video clips. Lectures why oceans need protection, lectures why to save rain forests, history lectures + what to learn from history, lectures on geology. College lectures about sustainability, pollution for science classes to secure healthy air + water. With Bear Springs Blossom Nature conservation distant learning, online education + master conservationist certificate you become an expert on Nature conservation enabling you to handle coming global changes
International Nature education is part of Bear Springs Blossom worldwide education program: How does Nature work? Definition Nature education. Learn online how to take action. Online courses explain how to solve global problems like climate change, air pollution, global warming, water contamination, soil erosion. Good international online Nature education helps to understand nature, nature conservation knowledge prepares for coming environmental changes + challenges as climate change
Conservation knowledge solutions: international nature education environmental news.  Bear Springs Blossom Nature conservation's worldwide education program offers understanding, how nature works, why take action, solve global problems like climate change, air pollution, water contamination, soil erosion. Nature Conservation based on science, based on a sustainable, eco friendly life style can save Earth with sustainable environment
how much an acre of forest - how much the real value of land - land resources, how much is healthy water, good air? How much will climate change + global warming cost? What price to put on human health? International Nature education, conservation courses give answers, better health, more happiness, providing global Nature conservation
BSB Geology, science of earth rocks. Geology, the Cretaceous period, continental plates moving, Gondwana land. Warm shallow oceans teaming with sea life producing lime - geology explains movements of continental plates, earthquakes, types of volcanoes, ridges, geological forces, fossils found at Bear Springs Blossom Nature Preserve
start to think and half of the work is done - Have the courage to use your brain. Immanuel Kant said: Enlightenment is man's release from his self-incurred tutelage, Sapere Aude individual liberty + knowledge. American Declaration = Sapere Aude = philosophy of Enlightenment. Understand Nature, solve problems like world climate change, worldwide air pollution, water ocean contamination + soil erosion
Endangered health by contaminated food, by free radicals. Chemicals, pesticides, fungicides, dioxins enter food + water supply containing mercury, lead, antibiotics, hormones. Online facts about diets, weight loss, antioxidants, healthy food, unpolluted drinking water, conserving Nature = healthy humans

members of international charitable nonprofit organization Bear Springs Blossom Nature conservation protect nature, take action on air pollution, water contamination, erosion control, solve international environmental problems, provide nature education, solutions to climate change, global warming. Nature encyclopedia online education - main office Texas Hill Country
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Peter Bonenberger and Marianne Bonenberger provide guided tours at the Bear Springs Blossom Nature Preserve in the Texas Hill Country
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about: international charitable nonprofit organization 501(c)(3) Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation, Nature preserve, Pipe Creek, Bandera county, Texas Hill Country. president Peter Bonenberger, Vice president Bob Taylor, secretary Diane Platt, international treasurer Erhard Gold, US-treasurer Marianne Bonenberger, public agent Marky Mander, protects + conserves Nature globally, promotes international science based nature education + nature conservation Peter Bonenberger + Marianne Bonenberger published many booklets, videos, information brochures. A photo book providing personal info about How I got to Pipe Creek TX. Read the online booklet. Definition  Nature Conservation: Nature means Earth's natural world - Conservation is to maintain, to protect, to keep alive

How life works
International Nature Conservation preserves Nature to keep humans alive. Definition Nature conservation: Conserve Nature to reduce air pollution, to slow down climate change, to save natural resources with recycling. How to keep Nature beautiful through conservation. BSB Nature education conserves Nature with knowledge - facts about life help to avoid violent climate, with conservation of energy, less forest destruction. International life is endangered. Earth spheres balance Earth for billions of years. Photosynthesis provides food supply for mammals. Learn solutions how to save Earth with conservation, reduce global temperatures. Greenhouse gases destroy plants, reduce photosynthesis, put life on Earth at risk
Interdisciplinary science: water chemistry, water physics, natural water, international water conservation to keep Nature beautiful
About Air
Science: air essential for life on Earth, air pollution unhealthy air, international air pollution issues
About flora
Science teacher: flora, plant life on Earth with numerous native plants, tree flowers + blossoms. Flora is different in every country, look at earth maps to learn solutions
About fauna
BSB teaches Science: fauna. The challenge to preserve declining + endangered species. Wildlife on Earth with numerous species, marine life, insects, mammals, birds, all face the loss of natural habitat. Biodiversity in fauna different habitats, earth maps for different climates. Nature conservation to keep human life on Earth
About Energy
Physics Science Energy: clean energy is essential for life on Earth, energy production can cause air pollution, making life unhealthy, endangering future life

Keep Nature beautiful
Bear Springs Blossom nature education courses fight erosion. Uncontrolled erosion endangers all life. Erosion threatens food supply, drinking water, quality of air. Nature education on erosion reduces development, tips + help how to control erosion
Soil conservation: prevention of soil eroding. Soil conservation avoids soil chemical alteration, salty soil, acidification, chemical soil contamination. Soil conservation strategies: vegetative cover, erosion prevention, soil salinity management, soil acidity control, beneficial soil organisms, remediation of soil contamination, soil mineralization. Soil conservation to secure food supply + drinking water
volunteers are the life blood of Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation international charitable nonprofit organization - volunteers donate time to help with articles, public relations, volunteer to maintain websites, volunteer teaching, providing international nature education for people all over earth - volunteering for our nonprofit group has no boundaries, no physical requirements. Volunteer!

Nature on Earth was beautiful; Nature was in balance, intact food-chain for all animals, native wildlife, flora + fauna. Enjoy photo slide show Keep Nature beautiful, natural beauty all around the globe. Update your nature education, see why, what to protect, conserve, preserve
keep Earth beautiful with Nature conservation - science based education to save Earth, to keep biodiversity, to help animals, flora, fauna on earth to survive, to give humans a healthy life on earth, reducing the impact of global warming + erosion, keeping Nature beautiful. Reduce climate change on Earth! Nature conservation: the only affordable solution
keep Earth clean - huge trash piles endanger air, drinking water, food, kill wildlife, reduce biodiversity. Recycling to keep Earth clean, to fight pollution. Recycled materials reduce landfills. Recycle for clean water, less severe weather, to empower Nature conservation

nature in Texas with many native plant varieties, native trees + wildlife endangered, many solutions on nature preservation issues, to restore Nature, to conserve natural bird habitat, to enjoy beautiful photos, and see how great Nature protection based on updated nature education can be

Bird Migration

nature conservation includes changing colors in fall - autumn, using leaves for mulch. Nature education offers understanding why leaves change colors in fall = autumn - how do oaks, cherry leaves change color
Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation preserve, Pipe Creek Texas has different grasses along its nature trails, mostly bunch grass, Texas state grass side oats grama, visit to get your nature education updated

ocean's coral reefs are essential for life on Earth - Earth needed corals to produce oxygen, to stabilize climate, humans need ocean food. Coral reefs host 50% of sea life. Bear Springs Blossom's international ocean conservation + protection plan provides information on corals, marine life, protecting earth oceans. Facts about coral reefs, coral composition, how to reduce ocean pollution
we protect oceans, whales + dolphins from overfishing to over-polluting seas. Oceans stabilize climate, whales balance the life in oceans. Nature conservation reduces climate change + global warming internationally - Earth's ocean food chain needs whales, dolphins + porpoises - earth oceans food feeds over 1 billion humans
Nature conservation news: Black bears in US for 2 million years. Black Bears - lat. Ursus americanus, US native, Southern United States black bears remain in protected mountains, woodlands, parks, preserves. Bears who wander outside nature preserves to find new habitats are endangered
Buffalo Latin bison bison once roamed on US prairies without overgrazing, destroying land, conserving grass prairies. Buffaloes are huge mammals, food and living for many Native Americans
Nature preservation: Overgrazing destroys land, endangers our children's future causing climate change. Overgrazing is related to human health problems, overgrazed meadows reduce drinking water supply, multiply water contamination. Overgrazing causes erosion, destroys the native plants that feed wildlife

Nature Conservation
Bear Springs Blossom Nature Preserve, Bandera County, Texas Hill Country. Photos + pictures: how to recognize native plants, native trees as Spanish oaks, Escarpment cherry, lacey oak, Texas persimmons, mountain laurel, native grasses, little blue stem, bushy bluestem, Indian grass, lindheimers muhly. Preserve Nature: use erosion control, preserving beautiful landscapes where flora, fauna will flourish and all life is preserved
nature conservation: to give children, grandchildren a safe future, breathable air, healthy drinking water, good climate, without violent weather, storms, floods. Nature conservation: if all reduce air + water pollution, reduce co2 levels, lower the impact of global warming + climate change to keep Nature beautiful
International Water conservation for healthy drinking water, clean ocean water, natural rivers, creeks without pollution. Water conservation through less chemicals, water treatment plans. Water conservation = balanced climate, without food shortages. Polluted water causes higher food prices. Water conservation: affordable, very efficient if all conserve. Learn how to reduce water waste, water pollution. Humans need to drink water. Drinking water has many health benefits. Earth's permanent water cycle provides rain, floods, clouds, mist. BSB volunteers teach how to reduce water consumption - conserve water
Land Pollution
soil conservation to secure food supply, drinking water supply. Soil conservation for a balanced climate. Reduce erosion, chemical soil contamination = soil conservation. CO2 carbon dioxide levels is in soil, disturbed soil causes climate change
native Americans lived for thousands years in Texas hunting along creeks + rivers. Arrowheads show different time periods. Get different environmental education in arrowhead shape, arrowhead material

Going Green
Protect your future
Nature conservation worldwide education programs offer arguments why to care, why understanding what happens on Earth, how nature works, how to solve global problems. Nature conservation protects life + your children. BSB international Nature Conservation + Nature facts are based on science, update knowledge. BSB helps to keep nature beautiful, to protect water supplies with Nature conservation
how to fight pollution, to lower human impact on earth. BSB secures children's future with reduced energy consumption. Save money with better insulation, green driving - international Nature education provides facts, answers + solutions
Green solutions: science provides nature conservation + education information, causes of pollution, tips how to save money with recycling, better house insulation, going green, energy efficient light bulbs. Green solutions: Be a responsible Land steward + become a master conservationist
Erosion facts: Mulching is Nature conservation:  organic or inorganic mulch fights erosion, mulch lowers or increases pH. Bio-matter = mulch for water conservation, to reduce international air pollution
Energy waste: a global issue. How to save energy is part of Bear Springs Blossom worldwide education program. A Home Energy Audit helps to reduce energy waste, resulting in lower energy bills, lower air pollution. Learn online how Energy Audit lead to good nature conservation
Energy savers information: tips how to save money with better house insulation, green driving, energy efficient light bulbs. Energy saving knowledge to live in harmony with nature with active nature conservation
Conservation education Nature encyclopedia online: more people use more plants, overpopulated cities produce less green, less carbon dioxide co2 used by plants

BSB Science: millions of robots are used to help humans. Robonaut 2 accompanies astronauts. Medicinal robots help humans, do robot surgery. Garden robots mow the lawn, reduce water consumption, pesticide use, reduce energy use, providing a healthier environment in buildings. Robots help businesses Going green with reduced air pollution, water contamination, less need for oil

Renewable Energy
Solar Power
why use renewable energy? How Solar energy works, solar wind energy, photovoltaic home uses. Solar power and sun powered generators produce clean energy without changing climate, without producing air pollution + water contamination. Earth's sun provides clean renewable energy.  Only international conservation + education,  usage of renewables achieves sustainable environment, will reduce international global climate change
how does Solar energy work, solar panels, wind turbines, photovoltaic uses for your home, solar power, sun powered generators, clean renewable energy without climate change, without air pollution, water contamination, free clean energy from Earth's sun. International Bear Springs Blossom Nature conservation programs help to become more Eco-friendly, more sustainable
Solar facts: How to use solar energy,  things to check before buying solar photovoltaic systems, Bear Springs Blossom Nature education solutions answer questions about solar energy, how to go solar
internationally, water heating by the sun is practiced for centuries. Solar energy at work! BSB volunteers use renewable solar energy, solar hot water panel, solar hot water collector to heat water  for shower, kitchen; solar power  heats up water heater, provides clean renewable energy for computer, TV, washing machine, without causing global warming + climate change. Sun heats water = saving money on electricity, more sustainable life
Photovoltaic or solar electric panels work - Solar energy permits life on Earth, solar energy, photovoltaic or photo voltaic electric panels produce electricity for your home, solar power and sun powered generators produce clean energy without changing our climate. Earth's sun provides enough energy = solar power to run appliances, enough energy to change climate + life on earth
Science Renewable energy: Wind power. Nature education: how to use green wind power technology, residential windmills or wind turbine. Wind energy is part of BSB international Eco friendly renewable energy program: how wind energy works, why using wind power lowers monthly electricity bills + conserves nature, living sustainable, sustainable nature conservation
Science Earth: geothermal energy uses the Earth's heat to lower energy costs, heating houses. Energy from Earth's crust is called geothermal, active nature conservation
Biomass - material from former living plants decaying giving warmth or energy without putting the carbon cycle out of balance helping nature conservation
Science Chemistry: Fuel cells are chemical devices reacting with different chemicals. Hydrogen fuel cells deliver electricity, producing water + clean energy. No greenhouse gases - without putting earth carbon cycle out of balance
free nature preservation video clips, free solar hot water heating video lectures, video clip on mulching, native plant video clips, mulch video, wind power video clip, Texas Hill Country Earth video, video about swallows

NASA employees support Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation. NASA employee Robert Taylor, Vice president, BSB Master Conservationist. NASA studies: understand air pollution, climate change, environmental disasters. NASA's space satellites information on Geology, earth maps. NASA's scientists: how climate change + pollution changes life on earth = destroying our world

Science teacher
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