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Logo of Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation, international charitable nonprofit organization providing nature conservation education to all countries on Earth Signature of Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation, international charitable nonprofit organization BSB Nature Preserve Texas: To see restored nature, to feel how beautiful nature is, to get the news about nature preserves and how to keep humans in nature alive is the task of Bear Springs Blossom. nature preserve, nature reserve, nature preserves, nature protection, bear springs blossom, nature conservation, conservation of nature, international conservation, wildlife reserve, nature trails texas, nature conservationist, conservation education Texas, texas native plant photos, education environment, BSB nature center, BSB nature restoration program are used worldwide. Texas wildflowers make us smile and show that BSB ecological restoration is working. BSB nature preserve. Bear Springs Blossom birding trails to take nature photos, photos showing the former beauty of the Texas Hill Country. Nature conservation is shown on BSB nature trails, a Texas natural area. Environmental news to protect air + water + soil + food. BSB-research published in these news helps to keep Nature beautiful + to secure our future!
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BSB Nature preserve native plant: black foot daisy wildflower at Bear Springs Blossom Nature Preserve, Nature conservation area in Pipe Creek Texas Hill Country Nature reserve native plant: damianita wildflower wild flowers at Bear Springs Blossom Nature Preserve, nature protection reserve in southern Texas Hill Country Native plant blossom at BSB nature preserve: gnaphalia everlasting blossom at Bear Springs Blossom Nature Preserve, Pipe Creek Texas Hill Country verbena blossom - wildflower at Bear Springs Blossom Nature reserve, Pipe Creek Texas Hill Country Bear Springs Blossom BSB offers many nature photos, to learn, to understand, to save money with an updated nature conservation education Bear Springs Blossom Nature preserve exists to conserve trees, to plant new trees, to help a tree to grow, is one of the main tasks of a BSB Master Conservationist. Why conservation education? Why is ethics responsibility so important?

Bear Springs Blossom
Nature Trails

BSB = protecting Humans with
Conservation education online + lectures

Preserving of Nature secures
our children's future!
BSB Nature preserve shows + explains Nature preservation.
BSB trail in Hunt Texas. Conservation education visible: Restoration of natural habitats at nature preserve: restoration of overgrazed land, overgrowth of juniper Texas cedar, how to build a nature trail, nature education at Bear Springs blossom Nature preserve

BSB Conservation education visible at BSB reserve: Restoration of natural habitats at nature preserve: restoration of overgrazed land, overgrowth of juniper Texas cedar, how to build a nature trail, nature education at Bear Springs blossom Nature preserve

This is the way abused land looks like
BSB has an overgrowth of juniper
BSB soil conservation: work with mulch on nature trail to fight erosion and beautify land, Texas, nature conservation through nature education at Bear Springs Blossom Nature preserve
We moved rocks,
shredded the hand cut junipers and
spread the mulch on the trail
finished nature education trail, nature preservation shown to all visitors, Texas Hill country to provide solutions to erosion, water conservation, air pollution
Now you can walk with us on a nice trail,
juniper overgrowth is removed, so other plants get more water.
Erosion is controlled, so our soil stays at our property and is not washed away
More grasses will come up,
more bio-diversity,
better food for our wild animals.

nature preserve Hunt: nature education trail along the cliff, nature preservation shown to all visitors, Texas Hill country to provide solutions to erosion, water conservation

nature preserve Hunt: a curve in the preserve trail along the cliff. BSB provides solutions to erosion, water conservation

nature preserve Hunt: nature education trail sidelines with rock plates, Texas Hill country. Solutions for better air, healthy water, less pollution

nature preserve Hunt: nature education rock trail, nature preservation shown to all visitors, to provide solutions to erosion, water conservation

nature preserve Hunt: nature education trail along the cliff, nature preservation shown to all visitors, Texas Hill country to provide solutions to erosion, water conservation
Why do we protect Nature?
Intact Nature is needed to secure human life!

How can you help us and What can you do?
Join our family of Nature lovers + update your knowledge + help us to spread the word.

Conservation education photos of Bear Springs Blossom nature preserve in the southern Texas Hill Country offers many views, a lot of photo opportunities. Visit BSB, take photos of Texas native plants, native grasses, many blossoms pictures + Texas wildflowers photos. Get a first glimpse with this photo slide show, with many photos, impressions of native plant, common wildflowers, wild flowers in all colors, feel nature, preservation with a solid online nature education
BSB protects HIS creation!

In Spring many blossoms can be seen at Bear Springs Blossom Nature Preserves.
Red-buds, Buckeyes, Cherries are beautiful, many junipers grow, and windflowers cover the ground.
In summer our oaks provide shade, cool down the air.
Wrens, Chickadees, Mockingbirds, hummingbirds, bring life to the air.
In fall flocks of Robins have visited our preserve on their way North.

Five different oaks species turn to wonderful fall colors providing food and a home for wildlife.

Why should you join us?
We offer updated Conservation education
so you and your family will have a better life!
We use membership dues + donations
to give you information and personal advice!
We all donate our work and money,
we don't use your money to pay for flights.
Check other organizations, where over
half of your donation goes into administrative costs
instead of education and Conservation education!
We believe in our mission, volunteer, donate time + money.
We are proud to say:
BSB achieves the biggest return for your 'buck'!
Are you interested in Global Issues?
Or want to have a look at Texas Wildflowers?
Would you like to take a BSB Quiz ?

We get and hear a lot of information, but very often we think:
Does the writer only talk the talk or really walk the walk?

What is our walk?

1) BSB updates over 1000 web-pages to provide information / education for free.
1a) BSB members get personal advice, tips and info how to save money
*) Use the link buttons on the bottom or our BSB Directory to get more info
2) We give lectures about Nature related issues, so people can better see the big picture.
3) We have been running a recycling station, so less natural resources are taken away from your children.
4) BSB is using renewable energy to reduce our carbon foot print.
*) BSB explains how you can do that!
5) Bear Springs Blossom is a charitable non profit organization to conserve Nature.
6) We are all volunteers - all work is done by volunteers.
7) BSB members to pull with us on one rope, so we can give an intact Earth to the next generation!

"Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile"
Albert Einstein

Read our online book about Bear Springs Blossom Nature Preserve, flora, fauna, history of the southern Texas Hill Country
Save Earth

See graphics of Earth's solar system

See graphics of Earth's Atmosphere

Read more about Life on Earth

Hear and experience the wonders of Earth
When we protect Nature we conserve Earth and all living beings on it!

Want to know how to conserve soil? Click here!

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Why are the Bear Springs Blossom Nature Preserves different?
Our priority is to protect Humans! When you join us you will protect your future and the future of your children!

As a member you get free personal advice! Every cent of your donation is used for information - education!
We explain how a good Green solutions are nature education information and tips how to safe money with recycling, better house insulation, green driving, energy efficient light bulbs, how to be a responsible steward of the land could like like.
We explain what Climate change means to you. Click on the button Bear Springs Blossom nature Conservation takes action on Climate change - Climate change endangers our food supply and our drinking water - climate change causes worldwide problems, help how to change climate change and reduce global temperatures. Climate change really endangering the future of our grand children

Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation
Peter Bonenberger - elected president
Bob Taylor - Vice president
Karen Taylor - secretary
Marianne Bonenberger - director of education
We give presentations at your event
We care for humans, so we need to care for our Earth
We express this task with our motto Keep Earth beautiful
We founded BSB, because we think, everyone should be able to get an affordable education online!
So, we choose a charitable nonprofit organization to keep the costs down. Money is only spend on office materials, telephone, website fees, and insurance.
Pollution is earth's biggest problem - air pollution endangers our health, water pollution endangers our drinking water, land pollution endangers our food supply - our non profit nature preserve organization offers solid international online pollution education humans are destroying Earth's coral reefs, educated people will act different, without education food out of the oceans will become scarce, coral reefs will not protect coast lines anymore, nature preservation is essential Nature education renewable energy: solar energy, renewable energy, wind energy, water energy, human energy - good energy is renewable - solar energy comes from our sun, free of pollution, so nature can survive. Nature preservation is practiced at BSB nature preserve in Texas

The BSB Nature Preserves protect endangered species!
Our Nature reserves can also be called natural reserve = nature preserve = natural preserve.
It is a protected area of importance for wildlife, flora, fauna, our Fossil road gets many excited!
We manage, conserve and protect 128 acres and provide special opportunities for Nature education, for study and research.
BSB works on an international level, because changing climate and destroyed Nature doesn't stop at borders. Members from North & South America, Asia, from Canada & Europe support our mission. Many BSB members actively conserve Nature! The more members we are the better we can protect you and Earth! Better understanding of Nature leads to more security for our children!

BSB works hard to build a better future for the next generation with healthy water and air, healthy food, and responsible use of natural resources!
Nature preservation is essential to secure a safe future! Nature preservation is the only affordable solution to solve our problems with climate change preserving + green + balances Earth's climate!
We have only this one little planet EARTH to live on! Shouldn't we keep Earth beautiful?
Let's take care of Earth, save it for the next generation.

When we protect Nature, we protect Humans.
BSB ethics: protect HIS creation is a slogan Bear Springs Blossom members are using to protect nature, all living beings, our oceans, our forests, all animals - and God saw creation was good - we work hard to protect HIS creation

Thank you for visiting one of our 1000 BSB web page! International charitable NONPROFIT volunteer NGO 501(c)(3)

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Conservation Education (CE) is the combination of two words that have become one word to educators.
CE is the ability to give people opportunities to grow in knowledge and create changes to their life style and their environment, to have a better life, to have a safer future!

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