BSB directory BSB Education BSB lectures Patient Earth Germany has a lot of industry. Filters, efficient machines reduce air pollution, water contamination. Rules and laws against erosion try to reduce climate change damage with renewable energy
Logo of Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation, international charitable nonprofit organization providing nature conservation education to all countries on Earth Signature of Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation, international charitable nonprofit organization Education about different cultures on Earth: Buildings are often inspired by religion or to show power. Beautiful buildings can make Earth beautiful. Updated conservation news help to stay up to date. Bear Springs Blossom conservation education reports violations on air pollution, water pollution. Ethics would prohibit men-made climate change. Ocean conservation + Water conservation is needed for protection of all life, flora + fauna on Earth = human protection, conservation of all water on Earth = human protection, conservation of all soil on Earth = human protection through affordable conservation education online to keep nature beautiful. BSB offers news on environmental issues, to see the big picture, to have a better life. Updated conservation news help to stay up to date, to have the information for educated decisions. Bear Springs Blossom Breaking conservation news on nature conservation that report violations on air pollution, water pollution. BSB breaking news has to report bad behavior, destruction of nature, polluting air, soil and water, all the time. News on Ocean conservation + Water conservation is needed for protection of all life, flora + fauna on Earth. News on environmental changes in oceans worldwide hint to the coming changes for humans. Read BSB conservation news online about how to secure your future, how to stay alive with violent weather, floods, earthquakes storms. Nature conservation news tells you about Earth' environment. Environmental news to protect air + water + soil + food. BSB-research published in these news helps to keep Nature beautiful + to secure our future!
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Famous Buildings on Earth

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New York United States

New York United States

New York United States

highest building on Earth Burj Khalifa Dubai

Famous Tour Eiffel Paris

Notre Dame Paris France

London England Parliament

famous Stonehenge England

Royal palace Muscat Oman

Royal Opera Muscat Oman

Basilica Papala Rome Italy

Famous Colosseum Rome Italy

St Marcus Venice Italy

Pyramids Cairo Egypt

Acropolis Athens Greece

Sagrada familia Barcelona Spain

Jerusalem Israel

Ulmer Muenster is a Gothic church in Ulm Germany, the hometown of Albert Einstein and Peter Bonenberger, president of Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation
The Ulmer Muenster
is a Lutheran church with the tallest church tower on Earth, with a steeple measuring 161.53 m = 530 ft
768 steps on a spiraling staircase lead up to the top, where you have a panoramic view over Ulm, Germany,
Neu-Ulm, Bayern = Bavaria. When we have climbed up to the highest platform, often we could see the Alps, which are about 70 miles south of Ulm.
Some call it Ulm Cathedral because of its great size, but this is not correct. The church is not a cathedral as it has never been the seat of a bishop.
The Ulmer Muenster is a famous example of Gothic ecclesiastical architecture and looks similar as the Cologne Cathedral = Koelner Dom

Ulmer Rathaus, very old building in Ulm Germany
Ulmer Rathaus = Ulm's Courthouse

Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation + Protection
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current global issues include global warming, global dimming, global climate, global temperatures, global oceans, global rainforests, international water contamination, whales, coral reefs flora and fauna animals an plants, see a list of global issues Pollution is earth's biggest problem - air pollution endangers our health, water pollution endangers our drinking water, land pollution endangers our food supply - get a solid international online pollution education education is the magic word, educated people will act different, without education scientist cannot have good research, without education humans cannot ask the right questions. without education emotions overpower the brain solar energy, renewable energy, wind energy, water energy, human energy - good energy is renewable - solar energy comes from our sun, free of pollution

Videos about Nature and Earth
Click on the button See how beautiful Earth is - Beautiful Earth video - How to multiply native plants Marianne plants a native plant / salvia, Erosion Control - how to do it Peter Bonenberger shows how to make mulch, 
Solar Energy how to use it Peter shows the use of Solar energy and Wind energy, Videos of Bear Springs Blossom Nature Preserve Southern Texas Hill Country

For 13 years Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation has been running a 128 acre Nature Preserve in Bandera County, Texas, southern Texas Hill Country.

We care for humans, so we need to care for our Earth
We express this task with our motto Keep Earth beautiful
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Wildflowers in TX

keep Bandera clean is a slogan we use to help in Bandera county Texas with recycling, recycle - reuse - rebuy, with reducing trash going into the landfill, reducing water contamination and to help to clean the Medina river in the beautiful Texas hill country - - keep Bandera Western is a slogan we use to show the old beauty of Bandera County in Texas, Cowboy capital of the world - the beautiful tx hill country attracts tourists and city cowboys who enjoy this fragile lime stone habitat in Central Texas, close to San Antonio, TX, while horse back riding - cowboys care for Nature BSB uses the slogan keep Bandera natural to protect nature in Bandera county texas, Cowboy capital of the world - the beautiful tx hill country attracts more home buyers, more houses, more water wells and roads have endangered the balance of this fragile lime stone habitat in Central Texas, close to San Antonio, TX
Think about and see how wonderful our Earth was created...
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Nature photos Texas Hill Country. Preserve Photos of native plants, cacti, native grasses, blossoms pictures, wildflowers photos. Experience beautiful Nature with BSB photos, many photo shots, impressions of native plants, common wildflowers, wild flowers conserve by nature conservation
Botany Texas wildflowers, native plants along our nature trails, birding trails, wilderness trails at the Bear Springs Blossom Nature preserve, Bandera County, Hill Country Texas. BSB nonprofit provides environmental wildflower knowledge. See wild flowers, see wildflowers with blue blossoms, white blossoms, tree blossoms, flowering native shrubs, red bud flowers + Madrone blossoms

History of Bandera, about Bandera County Texas Hill Country and its nature preserves. Bandera cowboy capital of the world. Urban sprawl endangers beautiful landscape of Bandera County, natural areas + parks in the Texas Hill Country, water table gets lower, well problems
keep Bandera beautiful. The Texas Hill Country once beautiful, needs Nature protection. BSB Nature preserve offers guided tours, shows pure, unspoiled nature, teaches understanding. Climate change, air pollution, water pollution, erosion control, recycling is Nature Conservation issues. Bandera has many native plants, birds, butterflies, native trees, controlling soil loss. Walk guided tours on environmental trails: update your Nature education. Learn about Texas Hill Country birds, flora + fauna. Uncontrolled development endangers Bandera's Nature, endangers balance of fragile Hill Country lime stone habitats
Peter Bonenberger + Marianne Bonenberger published books, information brochures online to show the beauty of nature preserves. A photo book providing nature photos + text about Bear Springs Blossom Nature preserve, Bandera County history, overgrazing endangerments, Bandera + Texas Hill Country native plants. Read free online book. Nature Conservation in Bandera County Texas - Conservation is to maintain, to protect, to keep alive, to sustain life
Photos of BSB Nature preserve, southern Texas Hill Country, maintained by Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation More Photos
Bear Springs Blossom Nature Preserve

State park, natural areas, BSB nature preserve, located in Bandera County, TX. Bear Springs Blossom Nature preserve offers guided tours in the Texas Hill Country. Bandera recreational areas, picnic places, outdoor activities fun, nature experience
Impressions Texas Hill Country Bandera Texas
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