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Logo of Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation, international charitable nonprofit organization providing nature conservation education to all countries on Earth Keep earth beautiful with Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation, international charitable nonprofit organization BSB Breaking conservation news: News of the environment help to save money. Environmental current news show what is going on in Earth's environment. BSB offers news on environmental issues, to see the big picture, to have a better life. Updated conservation news help to stay up to date, to have the information for educated decisions. Bear Springs Blossom Breaking conservation news on nature conservation that report violations on air pollution, water pollution. BSB want to protect earth, to keep earth beautiful, but has to report bad behavior, destruction of nature, polluting air, soil and water, all the time. News on Ocean conservation + Water conservation is needed for protection of all life, flora + fauna on Earth. News on environmental changes in oceans worldwide hint to the coming changes for humans. Read BSB conservation news online about how to secure your future, how to stay alive with violent weather, floods, earthquakes storms. Nature conservation news tells you about Earth' environment. Environmental news to protect air + water + soil + food. BSB-research published in these news helps to keep Nature beautiful + to secure our future!
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Earth is changing

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Nature QUIZ time!!

Quiz question Nature 1

There are many different grasses.

Please think about the name of the
tallest and thickest type of grass??
CLICK here to get the answer: BSB Nature quiz, earth solar quiz, questions about rivers, quiz about lakes, quiz questions animals - 
nature trivia

CLICK to start the environmental quiz: BSB environmental quiz, earth quiz, questions about pollution, quiz about pollution, Trivia or trivium are trivial items of information - answering quiz questions: a perfect trivia question is one that initially stumps the listener, but the answer subsequently sounds familiar once revealed - collection of trivia

Click here to start a quiz about water: BSB question about water, water data, water quiz and answers - nature education quiz

Click here to start our bird quiz: question about birds, bird quiz, nature quiz, questions and answers

Click here to start our Recycle quiz: BSB question about recycling, recycling quiz, nature education quiz, questions and answers quizzes

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humans cannot compete with  a beauty of a flower. What blossom is that?
Flower Quiz

Edwards mountain in Pipe Creek Texas, beautiful Nature, not asked in this environmental trivia. Compare your knowledge of the environment with adults across the nation by taking this environmental quiz - Bear Springs Blossom is  an environmental Education and Training organization. Two out of three adults who took the quiz didn't make the passing mark for knowledge about the environment

Book about the Texas Hill Country by Peter Bonenberger, Marianne Bonenberger. Conservation education online with quizzes, with questions about nature, with photos of wildflowers and an online book to updated your knowledge
Our Online Booklet

Madrone tree, Texas. Conservation education online with quizzes, with questions about native trees, with photos of wildflowers and an online book to updated your knowledge
Madrone tree at BSB

Think about and see how wonderful our Earth was created...
Live in Harmony with Nature + learn to understand Nature!

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Think about and see how wonderful our Earth was created..
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Conservation Education (CE) is the combination of two words that have become one word to educators.
CE is the ability to give people opportunities to grow in knowledge and create changes to their life style and their environment, to have a better life, to have a safer future!

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